Monday, 2 March 2015

Childhood Faves

Well hello there!

Today, for some mysterious reason, I started having a bit of nostalgia for some of my childhood faves. I thought it might be nice to share some of them with you.

If you're a 90s kid like me, then you're sure to remember some of these. If you're not, you young whippersnappers don't know you're born! ;) (Unless you're older than me, in which case - feel free to share your childhood faves below!)

Pinocchio. When I was very little, this was my fave programme to watch. That, Rosie and Jim and Peppino (what the hell was that about?!) I loved this show, mainly for the theme tune....(P-I-N-O-double C-H -I-O! It'ssss Pinocchioooooo!)  I was tiny, don't judge me!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch. When I got a bit older, I was obsessed with Sabrina. As I approached my teen angst-y years, I increasingly wished that I could just point and get my way with a twinkly SWOOSH to go along with it. I also adored Salem (the cat). Also collected the books. Wasn't a fan of the film, though.

TBH, this is still life goals.

Harry Potter. Obvz. You don't need me to say anything else. If you do, I'm concerned.

Tamagotchis. Like, what the hell? Mine pooped and died almost instantly. It probably was a poop-related death to be honest. This is why I don't have kids yet.

The Spice Girls. Like most little girls my age, I was utterly obsessed with the Spice Girls. I went through phases of 'wanting to be' each one (except Posh Spice, weirdly enough). I'd copy their dress sense (*shudder*) and take life lessons from their 'Girl Power' attitudes. LOL.

Victoria Beckham: Style Icon. Who'd have thunk it?

The Lion King. Another of my childhood obsessions. So much so that I named my kitten Simba and had Lion King pencils, pencil case, backpack, cap, pyjamas, videos, cassettes (remember them?!) I could go on. I refuse to acknowledge the sequels: SACRILEGE.

Koosh balls. A bright colourful weird-looking ball. Who needs the internet? Ha!

Rugrats. Another one of my cats was named Angelica, after the bratty girl in this. She was my idol ha!

Screwballs. Every time the ice cream van came around, I'd get this. Ice cream with a bubble gum 'surprise' at the bottom. What's not to like?

Hanson. In an Mmmbop, they're gone. Yeah, I confess I still kind of like Mmmbop. Wonder where they are now?

Yo-yos. Classic. Hours of fun. We were way better at entertaining ourselves back then. (Yes, I'm an old lady. Shh.)

Kenan and Kel. These are still hilarious when I watch them back. I loved the film too. Goodburger, anyone?

Happy Meals. I had one too many of these and a toy-related injury as a child. I swear the toys were better back then!
Yep. I had these. Spoilt rotten.

What were your favorites as a child? Comment below and let me know...go on, a bit of nostalgia's good for you! (I'm all warm and glowing inside...)

Bye for now!

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