Monday, 23 February 2015


Well hello there!

I am a great advocate of walking for pleasure. There's nothing better than getting in the great outdoors and going walkies.
Whether it's going for a quiet stroll or hiking up Ben Nevis, I love to get the old legs moving.

Channeling my Inner Mufasa at Dovestone
Here's why:

It boosts the immune system.
Walking is good for your heart and lungs, and for the overall state of your health.

It's good for your mental health.
If you're in search of a natural way to relieve stress and combat depression, walking is definitely a great way to do so.
It's one of nature's amazing mood lifters.
Attacked by monsters in the Highlands!

You get to enjoy nature!
Unlike a trip to the gym (which I also enjoy), walking has the extra bonus of soaking up beautiful scenery and breathtaking vistas.
I joined a university hiking group and was lucky enough to live in the Highlands of Scotland for a while,  so I've climbed some gorgeous mountains and seen some sights!
I think it's equally important to make time to discover local beauty spots so that on a quiet or even stressful day, you have a bolt-hole to escape to.

Peak District Toe-Dip!

You get fitter!
For me, keeping trim is another fab side effect of walking. You can also go at your own pace, so if you're serious about keeping fit, you can choose a brisker walk or a high level hike.

A bit of me time...
When things all seem to get too much, or when the fast pace of life seems overwhelming, walk. If you go by yourself as I often do, I guarantee you will feel a bit better about things. If you choose to take along a canine companion, they'll love you forever!


● If you go with others or join a hiking club,  you'll have a better opportunity to bond with other people.
Walking offers a chance to meet people without the distractions of modern life, sometimes even phone signal! Talk about getting away from it all!
This takes things back to basics and helps conversation to flow. So banish loneliness and join a hiking club!

Here's a video of me and my hiking club at the top of Ben Nevis (the UK's highest mountain!)....

Do you love walking? Or would you rather be curled up in bed with Netflix and a takeaway? (Mmmm tempting...) Let me know in the comments below!

Bye for now!

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