Thursday, 19 February 2015


Lent is a really powerful time. I was wondering what it is that makes me love this time of year so much. Why does a period of abstinence make me feel so happy?

Well,  I think there are several reasons.

Lent is full of opportunities:

To reflect upon the things in my life that aren't bringing me ultimate fulfilment.
That could be something as simple as cutting down on the frantic compulsion to check my social media apps and texts every three minutes. It could be  eliminating junk food from my diet for 47 days and starting to treat my body like the temple it is.

To take stock and appreciate. This could mean taking a few minutes each day to be mindful of all the blessings in my life and saying thank you.

To give back. Gratitude expresses itself in giving of self. When I'm feeling grateful I like to show people by saying thanks, taking time to help out and perhaps even giving a gift. There are also other ways to give back to the wider community during lent, such as volunteering at the local soup kitchen, distributing sandwiches to the homeless and visiting the elderly and sick. Doing things like this really gives me  perspective and is a massive mood lifter.

Anticipate. Lent, like Advent, leads up to something. (Easter and Christmas, respectively). These are two of my favourite times of year because they are filled with anticipation. This is such a powerful and hope-filled emotion and helps to break the year up into different moods and meanings.
Here's looking forward to Easter!

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